I’ve been working on a post but I’ve been delayed due to life.

I keep getting distracted plus it’s meal planning/grocery shopping week and my brain is fried.

Yesterday we celebrated Hubby’s 28th birthday early. I had some plum wine after dinner and woke up at 7 a.m. to Clark screaming. He then head butted me in the nose after I tried to get him to lay in my bed. So we went downstairs and started putting ornaments on the tree before Joshua woke up.

Then Joshua informed me that the cats had pooped on the couch because the door to the litter box was not left open. After I got him some breakfast and Clark ate a banana, Clark decided it was time to cry for 30 minutes. So I started getting his feeding bag ready to find out that the bag I grabbed was defective. It has left me in a bad mood.

I’ll work on the post I intended to write after the day has calmed and I run to the grocery store.


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