Meal Plan Dec 1st (18 days)

As I’ve stated before meal planning is not something that I like doing, but if I don’t do it then dinner is a disaster.
This past payday I did some things a little different.
First of all, it was hubby’s birthday weekend so before I even went grocery shopping I ran to Kroger and grabbed ingredients for a birthday dinner plus things that were on sale or needed right away. Crab legs were $1 off a pound so we had crab legs steamed in a Sauvignon Blanc, roasted potatoes and corn on the cob.

My hubby enjoying his dinner.

Secondly, I went to 3 different stores because I kept forgetting things and Kroger really wasn’t having that great of a sale.
Lastly, I was trying out some new recipes.


For a recap this is how my meal plans usually go:
Monday: pasta/quick/meatless
Tuesday: Taco/take out/ethnic
Wednesday: crockpot/ sandwiches/leftovers (includes dishes made from leftovers)
Thursday: chicken or pork/ frozen/ pre prepped meal
Friday: new, beef, whatever is left
Saturday: pizza, quick
Sunday: family dinner

If I have a link for a recipe I’ll post it with the meal. Some recipes are more guidelines for me.  🙂

Sunday- small spiraled ham, frozen baked mac n cheese, green beans, rolls

Monday- cowboy quiche using leftover ham

I use frozen pie crust and I don’t have a flute pan.

Tuesday- pork carnitas (served in a soft taco shell with toppings), refried beans



Wednesday- chicken yakisoba (with only carrots and granulated ginger)  and grilled cheese for Joshua 2

Thursday- skilled seared pork in a pan gravy, rice, fried okra (mmm Southern food)

Friday- patties with gravy, baked potato, zuchinni (  I don’t really have a recipe for this but I think my patties are similar to the Pioneer Woman’s. They are seared and then slow simmered in a pan gravy.)

This is such a weird picture.

Saturday- Pizza, fries  (oh a break from cooking)

Sunday- Greek chicken, roasted potatoes, peas, hummus/crackers (This is today!)

Monday- spaghetti, rolls ( We have 3 appointments this day)

Tuesday- tacos, Spanish rice ( We have 3 appointments  again)

Wednesday- crockpot chicken, noodles, zucchini

Thursday- chicken and rice from leftover chicken, cornbread

Friday- Pasta E Fagioli.

Saturday- pizza night

Sunday- chicken tomato basil pasta

Monday- spaghetti with turkey meat, honey garlic biscuits


Wednesday- sirloin pork roast, veggies, rolls

I will update this with any recipes that I use and pictures as the week goes along.


I was almost over budget with my forgetfulness and running to different stores.

My cost breakdown was:

Kroger- 133.23

Aldi- 107.81

Wal-Mart- 41.85  I despise Wal-Mart. Do you know how much meat is there?  I forgot cat litter and baby wipes and I was in the area.
I have a set budget every month for groceries and I divide that between our paydays. Mine might be higher than yours. Don’t beat yourself up if yours is higher. My grocery budget includes household items, diapers/wipes, cat items and food.

Now my plan above is for dinner. We also eat other food. For breakfast we have had things like cinnamon rolls, cereal, nutella toast, salsa verde baked eggs, French toast, leftover quiche, pancakes etc.

Lunches have been a mixture of leftovers and what do I have that is quick. I’ve had salads and the kids have whatever I can throw together. 🙂 On Friday, during feeding therapy, Clark had chicken nuggets, home made black beans, and candied yams. I keep dinosaur chicken nuggets in the house because everything is CHICKEN according to Clark.




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