Not looking forward to the weekend

I’m still wondering at point in my life did the weekend become a time to run errands and catch up on chores, instead of relaxing and having fun.
It’s almost 7 a.m. Friday morning and I’m about to get little Joshua out of bed for school. He crashed on a pad in my room because he still has reservations about sleeping in his bed even though Clark is in the same room with him.
Clark has been expressing his developing cognitive ability by being awake for hours in his crib at night yelling, laughing, and babbling.  I’m convinced my chemical makeup is part coffee now because I am exhausted. Can you succumb from exhaustion?  Less sleep makes me more manic.

This week has been a plethora of appointments.  I met my new counselor and she might be interested in reading some blog posts. I think you reach a whole new level of treatment when your followers consists of friends, family and your counselor.

At Clark’s surgery appointment to check on his tube, he got switched out to a AMT Mini One Glow in the Dark. It’s smaller, sleeker and less likely to pull out. We are hoping it helps to manage his granulation tissue.
Since he’s starting the stranger danger stage, he seemed thoroughly angry and traumatized that a random woman changed out his tube. It didn’t even help that she was trying to offer him a stuffed lizard, a Winnie the Pooh book and gave a Land’s End bag that stores his g-tube supplies. He also got 5 new flavors of formula to try. I’m hoping he will drink one of them but so far he’s not really interested in any of them.


Smaller, flatter than the rounded Mic-Key button.

So far I think the new tube is working well. If I like it then the Dr will send in a script for Mini supplies.

Besides the tube change it’s just been a busy week of therapy. His feeding therapist is getting ready to arrive and Clark is still napping.

I had an IEP meeting on Monday for Joshua to add in his ADHD diagnosis and go over some new modifications like pull-outs for his reading, writing and math help. His constant talking is still a problem. Also sleeping in my room is becoming a problem. I think we will try to make a dream catcher this weekend.


On Wednesday I was supposed to put a chicken in the crockpot, but I forgot so I ended up making a roast chicken.

This is what it looked liked all gussied up before going in the oven.

I didn’t get an after picture because I kept opening the oven to check on it and subsequently made the cooking time longer. My oven door doesn’t have a window to see through. I kind of just threw some seasonings on there ( salt, pepper, rosemary, thyme, EVOO) and lemon juice inside then a quick baste with some honey butter as it was cooking. The closest recipe that I could find to my awkward creation was this: Honey Glazed Chicken. After reading over the recipe, I was like Man I wish I would have had some fresh lemons when I was cooking my chicken. Oh well.

I made a beautiful stock with the leftover chicken bones, scrap meat/skin and some carrots, celery, onion, bay leaf, peppercorns, sea salt and ACV.

See how rich and colorful it is 🙂

I threw that all in my crockpot and let it cook overnight. I used this stock to make chicken and rice with my leftover chicken meat. It was the BEST chicken and rice. The stock was so perfectly seasoned that I didn’t have to add anything but a pat of butter to my dish. I NEVER season something so well.

So Wednesday was not crockpot day. Thursday was chicken and rice and tonight is SOUP.

I have no idea what the Joshua’s will be eating, but Clark and I are having Pasta E Fagioli.

We are also playing catch up with laundry. LOTS OF LAUNDRY.

This weekend I have to grocery shop, plan out the rest of the Christmas presents, start sending off boxes of presents and get ready for next weeks craziness.   Plus, MY SISTER IS COMING TO VISIT! Woohoo! Auntie April!


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