New meal plan and other misfortunes

I’m not sure if I should start with the latest misfortunes or a new meal plan that I begrudgingly created. How about I do a little bit of half and half?

I’ll start off with the shopping trip and how much over budget I am and then move on to the life hates me part of our show.

This payday Harris Teeter and Kroger were both having some decent items on sale. Kroger had their 4 for $4 off mix and match sale, chicken thighs and drumsticks for .79 cents a pounds, milk was $1.99, clementines were $3.88, and you received free eggs with 2 participating Jimmy Dean sausage products. Both stores had wine and ham on sale. Harris Teeter had some BOGO sales along with Buy 2 Get 3 free shredded cheese and crab legs for $.599 a pound.  I decided that I could compare prices between the stores if I added my grocery list to the Harris Teeter express shopping cart. It was a pain in the ass to do that. Then I walked around Kroger trying to compare prices to everything on my list and getting the items that were essentially the better deal at Kroger.  I spent $215.05.
Then I went to Harris Teeter for the rest of the items. While at the store I was not prepared for a small ham to be $22 or for most of the BOGO or $1 frozen vegetables to be the ones that are packed in a cheese sauce. So I changed my game plan to the 5 for $4 vegetables. I, also, got about $15 worth of crab legs and froze them. That and  the other odds and ends I threw in my cart cost me $149.95. Already about $64 over budget. Then when I ran to Target to get some Christmas items I grabbed Clark a bag of avocados. WORST DECISION EVER. I buy better avocados at Aldi. All of them except 3/4 of ONE avocado were bad. So, technically, I’m like $68 over budget. I haven’t even ran to Aldi for bananas and avocados yet.

Now for the misfortune. Let’s start with the most recent event.
Sunday night I was getting ready to head to bed. First I had to grab the cat food and my binder from downstairs. I was walking towards the stairs with two hungry cats circling my feet. One of them decides to kill me by stepping under my foot. I couldn’t catch myself so my foot bended under and hit the ground. I heard a small crack and felt immediate pain. It start to swell and bruise immediately. After some small cursing and crying, I managed to drag myself up 3 flights of stairs for my husband to get me in bed, elevate my foot, splint it and give me Tylenol. The next day I went into the Doctor for an xray and follow up lab work. That night I was told that I had just sprained my foot and needed to rest it. If the swelling doesn’t go down soon then I have to go back in. The other news was that, according to my CBC panel, my platelets had dropped again. This time to 52,000. So I’m at risk for a lot of things right now. I have to go see a hematologist for specialized blood work. My Dr. is pretty sure that it’s not my Lamictal causing this because it has been out of my system long enough for my platelets to start to rebound.
I’ve been told to rest a lot. That is really difficult with a toddler who is refusing to nap.

Now for the meal plan. Tonight was Ruby Tuesday as planned. This new plan starts on Thursday.

  1. Italian marinated chicken (chicken marinated in Italian dressing and seasonings then put in the oven or indoor grill), green beans, roasted potatoes
  2. Greek Turkey Patties (modified for milk allergy so no sauce and no red onion), cucumber salad, yogurt for those that can have it, fries
  3. Chicken Yakisoba (again, but this time with carrots and broccoli plus I bought hot sauce), rice, avocado (looks like I am going to Aldi!)
  4. quesadillas (not sure what kind yet), black beans, salad
  5. hot dogs (Nathan’s skinless), macaroni and cheese and Italian dressing noodles for Clark, fruit
  6. Pulled pork (this is recipe I’ve used before but with Root Beer. This time I am being lazy and using a seasoning packet, pasta salad, okra
  7. leftover pork turned into Carnitas with fixings
  8. We eat dinner this day! CHRISTMAS EVE! Ham, stuffing, sweet potatoes. You get the idea.
  9. Christmas day! Enjoying presents and Cowboy Quiche with leftover ham
  10. Out of town for the day, so probably pizza
  11. Crab legs, rolls, corn
  12. spaghetti with meatballs, salad for the salad eaters
  13. Taco night!
  14. cream of mushroom pork chops ( I have a link, just can’t find it!), rice, whatever vegetable is left
  15. blackened chicken (we’ll only do the avocado sauce if I can get some soy yogurt), roasted potatoes, beans
  16. broiled chicken drumsticks, rice, undetermined vegetable (see!begrudged meal plan)



I’m not sure if the worst part of cooking is the actual cooking or the dishes. If you love to do dishes then you can come to my house! A sprained foot has left a sink full!.

Not to mention that my platelets have dropped to 52000.





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