Just some thoughts

I’m not sure when I became a raging psychopath of a mother but I’m certain it has something to do with not wanting to be stuck at home forever. I know lots of mothers would can’t afford to stay at home and I get that. I really do.  I, personally, am going to loose my […]

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bipolar sucks

https://www.mentalhelp.net/articles/neurochemistry-and-endocrinology-in-bipolar-disorder/ https://www.mentalhelp.net/articles/hypomania-and-hypomanic-episodes-defined/ http://www.womensaccounts.com/mental_health_Carver_norepinephrine.html         These three articles are important today. The first one because I like knowing the science behind the messed up chemicals in my brain. Also because it was something my psychiatrist talked to me about this week. The third article touches base on the chemicals that allow you to […]

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