Just some thoughts

  1. I’m not sure when I became a raging psychopath of a mother but I’m certain it has something to do with not wanting to be stuck at home forever. I know lots of mothers would can’t afford to stay at home and I get that. I really do.  I, personally, am going to loose my mind if I am a stay-at-home mom forever. I’ve seen how crazy it made my mother. I want to go to college and experience things that have nothing to do with laundry and picking up the same toys all day long.  I want friends. I want hobbies. I want my husband to have more responsibility in the household, which he cannot complain about if I’m not at home all day.


2.   This week is raging psycho mommy week. Everyone is sick with a stomach virus and of all the times my cycle has decided to start on time.  ><    Oh the annoyance and mood swings.

3. My house looks like a drunk tornado ran through it. It’s enraging me. I’m exhausted. I’m trying not to care.  The cat litter needs changed. I’m gonna fix that soon.

4. My kids are going to need therapy when they are older, just like me. Dysfunctional household problems.

5. My 6 year old WILL NOT STOP TALKING or go to bed.  I told him it’s mommy time and I want to write something. He is still talking. I finally told him to shut up. See.  Will need therapy.

6. I’m not sure if I want to risk dehydration and drink some wine or down a pint of ice cream tonight.  Both are so tempting.

7. This kid is definitely not sick anymore because he will not stop talking.

8. He is telling me that this is not writing because I am not writing in my binder.

9. I lost my train of thought.



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