A new diagnosis, or lack thereof

I had a GI appointment today.
Gastro-intestinal doctors seem to fill my existence. Clark has had one since he was 4 months old. I had to call his GI nurse today because the stomach virus that plagued our house has not left his system.

My appointment was not about raging stomach viruses but about my lack of weight gain. I already knew it was coming but I’ve been officially christened Adult FTT. Failure To Thrive.

Failure to thrive is an “insurance” term for insufficient weight gain. My body has decided that it likes to be at 88-89 pounds. Before I had Clark I was 93-94 pounds. I’ve never big and I don’t expect to be. I would just like my weight to go up enough that it stops interfering with my menstrual cycle.

GI says I have to get that impedance test done, which I am dreading. I do not want an NG placed for 24 hours. Nope. Not one bit.
She also says I need to be taking 40mg of Prilosec everyday and to see her nutritionist. She has advised that I try to take a shot of olive oil everyday, much like giving babies MCT oil for growth. I have been getting in enough calories. The problem just lies in why I am not gaining even with 2,000 calories a day. She doesn’t want me to go too far beyond that because I could be depositing fat into my liver instead of into my body. I’m already at risk of liver and kidney issues with the Lithium. So there’s that.

We are still waiting on my genetic results. I’m starting to go from anxious to irritated that they are not back yet. That is just my coping ability.

In the meantime, I have to slowly ease Clark through the remainder of this virus. His body is not tolerating his formula. He has to do a lower rate with half Pedialyte/ half formula and no solid food for 24 hours. Thankfully he sees the feeding team on Monday.

I’m hoping he does not have my mysterious undiagnosed reasoning for not gaining weight.


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