The endeavor continues and ends with celebration

This has a been a long week and we hope to end it with a tube-versary celebration.

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The Threshold of Panic Decreases

I’ve talked about the panic threshold before. I am more susceptible to panic attacks than an average person. The distance between an average state of mind and sheer anxiety decreases the more caffeine I consume, the more my thoughts run rampant and the less I sleep. When this distance has decreased and I’m slightly hypomanic I can […]

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Week 1 update

I’m working on another post right now, but I wanted to give a quick update on the grocery challenge.  I know that this challenge isn’t a real $100-$120 challenge because I’m using things I already have in my house. For now that’s how I’m operating it.     Since grocery shopping for the week I […]

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The many challenges we face

The Grocery Challenge is but one demon we are facing right now. There are many turning points in our life that we are trying to consider. We are not coping well with changes and emotions, which often leads to bouts of anger and frustration. Personally, I am tackling the challenge of inner peace and still […]

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