Week 1 update

I’m working on another post right now, but I wanted to give a quick update on the grocery challenge.  I know that this challenge isn’t a real $100-$120 challenge because I’m using things I already have in my house. For now that’s how I’m operating it.



Since grocery shopping for the week I have had to buy:

Ramen for hubby  $2.90
Ranch dressing $3.79
Crystallized Ginger $2.29  (I thought this would help my stomach. It’s pungent and spicy and now I don’t want know what to do with it)
These things were all courtesy of Amazon Prime Now. 2 hour delivery.  🙂

Hubby has bought a breakfast and lunch at work, even though I am trying to pack his lunches.

Most of the produce is gone. While there is enough left to finish out the week, I was surprised at how quickly some of it was used or went bad. I forgot that I had some asparagus left in the bottom of the crisper. It had become slimy and gross so I tossed it out.  About a fourth of a loaf of organic 100% whole wheat bread had to be tossed as it started to mold. I swear I had bought that only a couple days before hand.  The last tomato had become soft and bruised. Then it fell out of my basket while I was getting an avocado, so there are no more tomatoes.
We have discovered that Clark can eat cucumbers and tomatoes if diced. He did his part in devouring a 2lb container of strawberries. He also likes cooked peppers.
We are down to:
2 white onions
1.5 bulbs of garlic
1 avocado, which will be used tonight
Maybe a fourth bag of carrots. The last bit of baby carrots I had in the fridge have already been used.
Not even half a cucumber
A couple mandarins
1 zucchini
Slowly wilting greens, less than half the container
3/4 bag broccoli, to be used on Friday
A couple apples
A handful of blueberries that are wilting and iffy looking
Half a bag of potatoes
Half a bag of mini peppers
1 lemon. I used the majority making a small amount of lemonade and cooked with the rest. This one will be used tonight.

I’ve already cut up the celery and divided it between freezer and fridge.
We have maybe half a loaf of bread left. I forgot to check.
Since I started with a good 1 and 3/4 containers of almond milk. I think we have half a container left.

We have had some good food so far and for the most part have stuck to my plan.
Friday we did have the Salisbury steak patties with gravy, mashed potatoes (using almond milk and dairy free butter) and the rest of a package of frozen broccoli.

We ate the cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Then I made up some soba noodles, potstickers, rice and cut up some veggies for lunch.
Clark was being kind of picky for lunch, which is not like him. Maybe because he just woke up from his nap.


There was an avocado on his plate but he ate it before I could take a picture. He had no problem eating his potsticker, half an avocado, bites of rice, some tomatoes and cucumbers then most of his brother’s strawberries. J2 would not eat this. He pretty much ate cucumbers, carrots and didn’t want his strawberries at the moment.

Dinner was absolutely gorgeous.


I never really make pretty dishes, but I consider this one very aesthetically pleasing. I used a blackened shrimp recipe from Budget Bytes and subbed the shrimp for chicken. I was going to use shrimp, but it was too expensive. I, also, didn’t buy any fresh herbs. The dried ones worked just fine. This dish paired with the sautéed zucchini and onions was perfect. Clark was eating zucchini so fast he barely swallowed. (That was actually kind of a problem.) There was only the tiniest bit left for lunch the next day. It was enough to feed Clark.

I made the carrot apple bread for breakfast. I don’t have time to grate things so I chopped everything really fine in my food chopper.

My bread did not rise as much as the original recipe photos. I could not use sour cream so I made a little “buttermilk” almond milk. Next time I want to try a plain coconut milk yogurt in it’s place.  The kids had no problem eating this up. I was happy it had carrots in it.


I know my pictures are awful. I only have a cell phone camera right now.

For dinner I had changed the soup to a chicken and veggie lo mein. I used the other chicken breast that I had, along with half an onion, celery, carrots, bell peppers, garlic, and broccoli.
My tiny cast iron skillet was almost too small for this. I probably should have only used half a package of lo mein. If I make this again I definitely want more sauce or a different one. I used hoisin sauce in this.


I also made the last of the potstickers with this. Since I have no memory and don’t write stuff down, I think the kids finished off the last of the strawberries as well.


I didn’t get any pictures of Monday. Everyone had something different for breakfast like I knew would happen .

The majority of us had leftovers for lunch. I think I made a salad….
I do know that the crockpot chicken was really good.
I hate prepping a whole chicken for the crockpot because I feel like it takes a long time, but the results are so worth it.
I salted and peppered the inside of the chicken and then stuck in some lemon slices, garlic, celery and half of a white onion. I did my best to put a tiny bit of dairy-free butter under some of the chicken skin. Then I made a mixture of I think 1 TBSP herbs de Provence, 1 tsp dried lemon zest, 1/2 tsp garlic powder, and 1/4 tsp onion powder and rubbed it all over the chicken after it was salted and peppered.
Then I cook it on high for a couple hours, maybe 6 hours.
After we eat what we want with the chicken, I debone it. It’s so much easier with the crockpot. It falls apart. I take what bones I want, throw them back in the crockpot with some vegetables (celery, carrot, onion, garlic), peppercorns, a little salt, a bay leaf and some ACV to make a broth. I cook it on low overnight. I’ll probably use the broth later in the week.

To go with the chicken I made the zucchini tots and steamed carrots as planned. The tots took a long time. They were decent. The kids ate them. J2 had to ask a million questions about them first.  I may look for a different recipe and compare them.
We also ate an apple with dinner.

We ended up with frozen waffles for breakfast.
I had maybe 5 hours of interrupted sleep. Then I lost my voice for a little while because my throat was hurting so bad.  After that we found out that one of the cats had chewed through our Wii cord, yet again. So we had to order a new cord and cable protectors. Maybe I can do this challenge again next month. I want to save to get our TV mounted! We want Best Buy to do it because we will mess it up. It’s $300 though!  One step forward, two steps back.
For lunch we had a dairy free whole wheat quesadilla. I should say that Clark had a quesadilla. He doesn’t know what real cheese tastes like. I do. He ate some blueberries, quesadilla and avocado. I made a salad with roasted peppers. He had maybe one pepper.
I also had coffee not long after this. COFFEEE!


I think I was snacking off and on all day today.
I know I started dinner early because I was hungry.
I made the Buddha Bowl for Clark and I. We ate some slices of an apple with it.
It was delicious and so healthy. The raw pepper dressing was amazing.
J2 would not eat it. He had some home made steak fries with an apple and I offered him some of the roasted chickpeas and quinoa. He made a huge ordeal out of trying a chickpea.
I made us a dessert that I had in the freezer. An apple crisp. J2 would not try it because it looked weird. I think almost all of that is gone.


So far everything seems to be going okay but week 1 is not even over yet. I have been tempted to buy J2 juice boxes for lunch like I always do. Monday I sent him with watered down tea and today he had water. I’ll need to really think about his lunches for school. He needs food that he already eats so that he will eat at school. I forgot that his lunch container wasn’t leak proof and sent him frozen strawberries today. The strawberries melted and the juices touched the other food. So he pretty much didn’t eat anything.

Tomorrow I will start meal planning for next week. I’ll make an inventory of what I have and compare with the sale ads. I have a pretty good idea for next week but we’ll see.
We are scheduled to have spaghetti tomorrow. There won’t be any roasted tomatoes because the tomatoes are all gone. Clark and I might have to eat lunch right at 12 tomorrow and then pack us a snack. Our car gets serviced about an hour later.

Now it’s time to get things done for the night. I would like to make it to bed before midnight!


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