Hey It’s me

It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to sit down and write my thoughts. A lot has happened in the last 8 months.

Clark has been diagnosed with  level 2 Autism. He has started ABA and is working up to 20 hours of it a week. He is transitioning to outpatient therapies as his CDSA therapies are ending. In the last month he has decided he doesn’t want or like his tube feeds. So he hasn’t had any in the last 10 days and is eating every 2-3 hours, approximately 1200 + calories a day.  His vocabulary has increased to 50+ words and he is saying 3 word sentences. He is effectively doing hand-in-hand walking, not independently, but this is progress. He still needs his AFO’s to insure proper development of his hips. His Convaid pediatric wheelchair/adaptive stroller has arrived. For Christmas he received his own Kindle Fire from the Autism Santa at Toys AUcross America.

Joshua has not gained any weight nor really progressed in adding new foods to his list. He is supposed to drink Pediasure Peptide 3x a day. I fought to get that covered by our insurance and guess what…he will not drink it.  We are seeing slow improvement in school. He is meeting his IEP goals, which is all that matters, but his progress report is still all 2’s.  In OT he has started doing social stories and receiving a lot sensory support. Last session he was in a ball pit with headphones and a compression vest on, chewing gum while doing his handwriting. For Christmas he got his dream of owning the DragonZord.

As for myself I am still 90 pounds. I have done a PH probe which was awful and didn’t show anything. I have been officially declared inattentive ADHD alongside generalized anxiety disorder to compliment my already existing bipolar and FTT.

Within the past 2 months I have done IEP meetings, got approved for Clark to receive 16 hours of respite care a month, Thanksgiving with family, saw my mom and siblings, Christmas and New year celebrations and about completely lost my mind.

I have no resolutions for this year. It’s more about holding on and seeing what’s next. I would love to get this credit card reduced immensely, save for a house and be more organized but we’ll see.

I have managed to keep up with meal planning so point for me.

Now it’s my lunch time then I have to grab the kids and head out to OT.

It’s therapy day everyday in Chaos Land.


Did I mention we got a new cat? No?

Oh well, maybe next time.




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