Meal Plan 1 Jan 17

As always, for us this is just a guideline because stuff happens in this house.

I shop at Aldi, Kroger and Harris Teeter.  Lately I’ve been fond of picking up sale items at HT with their Express Lane Checkout. I don’t have to get out of the car and drag kids around the store AND I only get what I need or on what’s on sale.

There was so much food for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. I don’t know how it fit in my kitchen. I tried new recipes and did a lot of baking. I made homemade French bread. It wasn’t pretty but it wasn’t bad either. I baked up banana bread, muffins, homemade cookies, and a cranberry/apple/pear crumble. I made up some herb butter to put in the freezer. I also made a homemade dairy free chicken and mushroom stroganoff. It is much easier to just whip out a can of mushroom soup, let me tell you that much. My husband shot two deer over Thanksgiving while hunting with family in NY. We have been trying out some new venison recipes. In doing so, we only have 10 packages of venison left!  We found a butcher here, while getting some beef fat for the ground meat, that has the best fresh pork chops and some wild game meat. We are thinking about trying duck bacon pretty soon!  Here’s what I have planned so far.





This week:

1/2  Spaghetti with mini meatballs (Earth’s Best frozen), garlic texas toast (from Aldi), mandarins

1/3  Philly Cheese Steaks with optional mushrooms/onions, fries, fruit

1/4  indoor grilled sausages, baked potatoes, Crowder peas, fried eggplant

1/5  chicken and rice  (family recipe), rolls

1/6 stir fry veggies, rice, gyoza

1/7 pizza night, fruit (dairy free pizza for Clark)

1/8 mustard pork chops, carrots, cornbread muffins

Next week:

1/9  venison patties with gravy, mixed vegetables, mashed potatoes

1/10  cowboy quiche with leftover frozen Christmas ham, chopped tomatoes and fruit

1/11  tacos (hard and soft), refried beans, fruit

1/12  venison stew, crusty bread, home made dessert

1/13 fried rice, gyoza

1/14  garlic butter roasted split chicken breast, okra, corn, potatoes

1/15  whatever is  left meatloaf, broccoli, butter noodles

It looks like we will be out of town so those last 3 days will just roll over into the next meal plan. YAY! 3 days of me not cooking!


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