Meal Plan 2 Jan 17


January is such a hard month.

I feel like there is so much to do all the time.

It’s a new year and there is the hustle of making your plans for the year. I don’t have resolutions, as I’ve mentioned before. I’m still on the straight path to surviving.
I’ve already had one sister’s birthday pass and have my other sister’s birthday two days before Clark turns 3.
Since my baby is turning 3 there’s a lot of transitions going on. I am still working with the school on his IEP to start Pre-K. I have an advocate coming with me for his meeting this week. Clark needs to do half days of school to accommodate his 20 hours of ABA so the advocate will help me implement that.  He is transitioning to outpatient therapies so we are setting up his assessments for those. He no longer needs feeding therapy! One less therapy to worry about.

In addition to all that, it’s of course tax time. W-2s will be out soon. I’ll have to start working on our taxes. We already have a plan for our money. This years goal is to get that credit card taken care of. One way we are doing that is to increase our payment and lower some of our other expenses.

I shopped at Aldi this time. This morning I separated a package of drumsticks and cut a pork loin in half, trimmed it up and wrapped it in freezer paper to go into the freezer. In the process I sliced my finger. My pairing knife works great, in case you’re wondering.

Here’s a really bad picture of my receipt taken with the only camera on my phone. This is for our meals for the next 2 weeks and some extras to stockpile for the next month.

Aldi, $186.08

My Aldi List:
2  dozen eggs -2.38
2 garlic texas toast – 3.18
White bread –  .85
organic kale-  2.49
2 organic pasta sauce –  3.98
Gallon Slider Bags-  1.69
Tri-color Rotini – .99
Butter with olive oil –  2.29
Organic Yogurt 32 oz- 2.99
2  pkg baby carrots –   1.98
12 grain bread – 1.79
egg spaetzle noodles – 1.49
2 bite size dry salami –  6.49
twin pack turtle cheesecake – 1.99
Whole Chicken @.95/lb- 6.02
Chicken Drumsticks-  2.84
Strip steak- 7.91
Half pork loin- 8.21
Tomatoes- .99
Chicken stock- 1.89
2 organic tomato basil soup-  3.58
Mandarins- 2.99
2 Appleton farms Bacon- 8.98
Bananas – 1.20
Plastic Wrap- 1.49
Spaghetti 16 oz-  1.45
Mini sweet peppers-  2.99
Mini Cucumber 16 oz- 1.99
Sliced cheese – 1.99
Organic apple juice- 2.49
org. Baby spinach- 1.99
2 Brenners Ham and Cheese pocket- 3.58
Choc Almond Milk- 2.49
no salt petite diced tomatoes- .59
2 canned mushrooms-  1.18
3 different canned veg- 1.47
tomato paste x2- .78
peas-  .65
cheese ravioli- 3.99
org. black beans x2 – 1.58
lactose free 2% milk – 2.79
org. pear juice- 1.49
butter spray- 1.49
jiffy mix x2 – .94
multigrain oats (generic cheerios) – 1.79
gala apples-  2.99
cheese cubes- 1.99
pure cane sugar- 2.59
cinnamon rolls x2- 3.18
pure maple syrup- 6.49
lg. pitted olives x2-  2.38
corn starch- .89
trail mix packets- 2.99
sriracha- 1.99
canned broth- .59
Aldi lemon lime soda- 2.25
apple maple chicken sausage- 2.99
4 roll bath tissue- .59
Colby jack cheese block- 1.89
Fair Trade Coffee-  3.99
2 apple sauce squeezes-  3.58
Pork belly- 5.99
almond butter- 4.99
woven wheat crackers (generic triscuits)- 1.69
Dark chocolate- 1.99
Aldi bag-  1.99

As I stated above some of this is for next month and some of this was a splurge. I really didn’t need any chocolate or cheesecake. I rarely buy steak because it’s just too pricy. I grabbed my slider bags and plastic wrap here because I was out. One of my bags broke so I grabbed another one and the 4 bath tissue is to hold us over until Amazon arrives.

For my meal plans, if I’m using something that I already had in my freezer or pantry, I’ll just put a star * by it. I may have only need one or two ingredients from my Aldi trip in a meal, like my fried rice just needed eggs and the sriracha.

  • Fried rice, gyoza*, lumpia, peas, fruit*
    This is an easy dinner. I use the recipe linked from Red, Round or Green.  I buy our rice from the Asian market in 14 pound bags. While I’m there I pick up some new noodles to try or some lumpia or gyoza. We had a couple gyoza left in the freezer so I grabbed some chicken lumpia to try.  I didn’t add any veggies to our fried rice because then no one would eat it but me. So I opted to serve peas on the side.
    It’s not letting me do links right now…
  • garlic butter roasted split chicken*, corn*, okra*, potatoes* (probably roasted)
    This is the dinner we are having tonight as I write this. I found a recipe online similar to what I’m doing, except I have garlic butter already made in the freezer so I’m not going to melt it. Instead I’m just going to put the butter slices under the chicken skin and brown in my cast iron then bake.
  • meatloaf, broccoli, butter noodles*
    This is pretty self-explanatory. I make meatloaf with whatever I have available. I have ground beef and venison in the freezer. So I’m probably using the beef. I throw in bread crumbs, seasonings, Worcestershire sauce, garlic, an egg, and whatever else I feel like. I keep frozen broccoli at home because I have a toddler who actually adores broccoli.
  • veggie omelets, yogurt, bacon, fruit,
    I’m just going to whip up some omelets with those things on the side.
  • Amish chicken and noodles with mashed potatoes, sautéed kale
    I am saving some of that boiled chicken. It’s a huge chicken and I want some of it for lunch the next day. I haven’t made this yet so fingers crossed.
  • steak burrito bowls, rice, salsa, corn
    This is where that steak comes into play. Homemade Chipotle. I plan on seasoning and indoor grilling that steak to make us some burrito bowls.
  • spaghetti, meatballs*, garlic toast
    I have some Earths Best mini meatballs in the freezer . A toddler favorite.
  • herb roasted pork loin, potatoes*, spinach, fruit
    This is using half of the (half) pork loin that I bought. I’m not exactly sure what I’m doing yet but so far I’ve planned to coat it with a herb seasoning, brown and bake it.
  • dry rubbed drumsticks, clementine’s*, vegetables
    I’m using the word vegetables loosely here because at this point I’m not sure if I will have fresh veggies left. If not then it’s a pick from the frozen veggies in the freezer.
  • pork hash with egg and peppers, fruit
    I’m taking leftover pork and mixing it with some potatoes and peppers for a dinner-worthy breakfast hash. Fried egg on top, of course.
  • Italian chicken, rice*, carrots*
    Chicken is marinated and then breaded in bread crumbs and baked.
  • grilled venison steak*, cornbread muffins, peas
  • grilled cheese and tomato soup,  DF cheese for Clark
  • split roasted chicken breast, pasta salad, beans
  • For Clark’s birthday- homemade pizzas, fruit, favorite veggie which is probably broccoli, fries, and birthday cake
He’s turning 3! He’s standing better and eating a lot!

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