#threenager Meal Plan 1 Feb


I’m back.

It’s been SOOOO crazy over here, but what’s new.

If you are new here let’s do some recapping.
We are a “complex” military family. Everyone, but hubby, has their issues. I mostly have mental health diagnosis’, a chromosome duplication, FTT, and some recent pelvic pain issues going on. My oldest (7) has the same duplication as I, ADHD, anxiety, delays, SPD, feeding difficulties and such. My youngest (3) is the most complex with Autism, G-tube (weaning), hypotonia, a rare chromosome 10 duplication, delays, mild gastroparesis, milk allergy and such. He’s still not walking, but slowly getting there. He’s also starting school!!

If you want to jump to the meal plan, just click here.

Clark is now officially 3. We are waving the #threenager banner high. For a kid who a couple of months ago was yelling AAAHHHH! for his favorite vegetables, he has steadily improved his language skills. It makes people so confused which in turn really, really makes me irritated. Yes he has Autism. Yes he talks to you. He looks at you. He gives you hugs. (Don’t you dare come near him with a syringe or stethoscope though.) He pretend plays with a lot of his toys. (Thank you months of therapy!) I don’t know what’s confusing about this.  Let’s repeat after me: AUTISM IS A SPECTRUM!

This little spitfire is now saying things like “I want a muffin!  No, go away. I stay here. Open door!  No diaper, put diaper back! I go play Bubba, bubba room. Mama come back, no bedtime!”

There is usually a sentence everyday about Daniel Tiger, Dada hat, dada work, bubba, school bus, one of the cats, or the food he wants.

Speaking of Daniel Tiger, he had a great Daniel Tiger birthday. I think he officially has all the Tiger toys. He still really wants a Tigey and a Chrissy, which they don’t make. I’m looking at you PBS. He got a Daniel Tiger music set for this birthday and thanks to ABA knows how to functionally play with the toys.  Yay…maracas.

It was emotional but such a relief to have the 3rd birthday come and go. I think I cried on his last day of CDSA services. His speech/feeding therapist brought him a birthday present. A school bus, with doors that open, and 2 books that he really likes. This therapist was with Clark when he was learning to eat and doing binky dips of baby food and using Nuk brushes to awaken his mouth.

Last day of therapy, Stimming and enjoying his presents

So after all the birthday chaos, came this week.
Let’s start with today, shall we.

I got up to get Joshua ready for school but he still had a low grade fever so he got a dose of Motrin and went back to bed. I woke up when Clark was yelling from his bed to get out.
I attempted to make blender muffins but I almost broke my blender. They were not that great. I don’t have a high- powered blender.  The Motrin must be effective because both boys are playing in their room. My kitchen is still covered in dishes. I have no idea if we have ABA today. I had to throw the night- night blankets in the wash which caused a lot of crying. So Clark and I had to sit in the rocking chair with a weighted lap pad as he ate a muffin and calmed down.
Second day of both kids sick. Joshua seemed to be better since his vomiting had stopped and his fever went down. He was up playing and running around. We ran by Aldi because we are out of food. 🙂  Then they went to the doctor. Clark had his 3 year check up and Joshua got checked out for the sickness. He has some kind of stomach virus and post viral/dehydration cramping and swelling.  He is not the best at drinking fluids. Clark just has a cold and needs to follow his GI plan.  Joshua seemed fine during his checkup. He was laughing and playing around when the doctor was checking him out. Their pediatrician is good at keeping them relatively calm. After that we got some school forms filled out and was on our way. As soon as we got in the car Joshua was crying and saying his head hurt. I was kinda irritated at that. He was just playing around. So after a quick coffee run for me, we were home and he was given some Motrin and put in bed. Then I finally got Clark to take a nap so I could put away groceries.
Earlier that morning before all the chaos I had cooked up dinner, made a venison meatloaf to freeze and started on some chicken broth.  So I sat down to start working on our meal plans and the rest of the grocery list. I finished before these antibiotics I’m on starting taking their toll and making me feel really sick.
Early morning Gyn appointment for myself. Clark woke up sick. Joshua was really emotional, which isn’t new, but he was saying he had a headache. I thought he was just a little dehydrated.
I went in to my appointment with Clark to go over ultrasound results. I had a long discussion with my doctor and had to get another exam. Since my pain is still present and I had some white cells show up, I had to start an intense round of antibiotics, which included a shot, before I can be referred to the pain clinic. My Dr. is hoping that all of this will be fixed with the medicine but I’m not so sure. I have to call her back in 2 weeks. If I’m not better at that point then I go to the PPC and Radiology clinic for further testing. The last resort for testing is laparoscopic surgery. I don’t have time for that.
Once we got home and settled, I starting rocking Clark for a nap. The school called and said Joshua wasn’t feeling well. He fell asleep at his desk and then woke up shaking with a fever. So I picked him up and got him settled at home. Clark had a GI appointment that afternoon so I spent like an hour on the phone trying to figure out if I could reschedule for another day. I couldn’t. Joshua was running a fever and his feet were swelling. I had to get hubby out of work to watch him while I took Clark to his appointment. We got a tube weaning plan and got back home around 6 pm. So it was take out again for us.
Joshua was out of school because he had a feeding evaluation. We went to Raleigh for that and found out the office wasn’t handicap accessible. So our future appointments will be out in Fuquay. I should get his report in about a week. Then we had to come back home, get things done and head to OT. At OT Clark was adamant about swinging and going up on the platform. Joshua did some sensory work and then was complaining of a headache and chest ache. He got some Nexium and water when we got home, then ran out to play. My house was and is still a wreck. We had to grab some Chik Fil A.
Clark got to meet his teacher at his new school. He explored the classroom. I talked to his teacher, OT, PT and SLP at the school. I picked up forms he needed filled out and the daily schedule. We planned on him starting on the 15th for 3 day a week special ed pre-k.
Then he had ABA. Overall an easy start to week…or so I thought.

Now on to the food.


I haven’t finished grocery shopping with everything going on and my days aren’t 100% planned yet.
Let’s recap dietary complications (and sometimes budget ones)
Me: I’m supposed to get about 2300 calories a day. I don’t. I cut down on my dairy a little. I’m also *supposed* to cut down my caffeine and processed sugars according to GI.  Let’s just laugh a little.
Joshua- In a perfect world he would eat less processed food and sugar, but he has feeding problems too! He has ADHD, like me, and burns a lot. He NEEDS dairy for calories and protein. A normal, non sensory/picky eater does not NEED dairy. He does.
Clark- He needs a min of about 1200 calories a day. He is tube weaning. He has a milk allergy but does okay with real butter, some lactose free milk baked in and some products that have milk. He can tolerate the Go Veggie cheese. He gets retested soon. He has mild GP and isn’t supposed to eat constipating foods, but you take away a banana from this child. He does not have any food aversions.
Hubby-  Eh. Army guy. Meat and potatoes. Almost no veggies. Limited fruit. Drinks a ton of caffeine.

We have a grocery budget. Our grocery budget includes food, cat supplies, some household items like Ziploc bags, foil, hand soap, restocking the Motrin when kids are sick etc.  The main household supplies like TP, paper towels, garbage bags, dishwasher detergent, diapers, wipes, and sponges come from Amazon Subscribe and Save. Right now our budget is set at 700/month. I increased it due to Clark’s eating. He eats every 2 hours pretty much.

These meals are not set in stone as far as their relative days, but it’s a plan! I am making cooked lunches the day before so they are ready to go.

Friday, 2/3-    Lunch: chicken nuggets, sweet potato, fruit
Dinner:  Pizza night (homemade, half with Go veggie cheese for Clark), fries and pepper strips

Saturday, 2/4-    Lunch: hot dogs (nitrate free) mandarins, peas
Dinner: Salisbury steak with gravy, homemade mashed potatoes with lactose free milk and df butter, carrots  (making extra patties to freeze)

Sunday, 2/5-        Lunch: leftovers or sandwiches
Dinner: homemade pork ramen ( goes in the crockpot all day, with real ramen noodles from the Asian market and a powdered pork broth from the Market.  I have a big pork loin the freezer that I’m splitting in half)

Monday, 2/6-      Lunch: pepperoni pasta salad, fruit
Dinner:  Candied rosemary chicken and veggies from RRG, rolls

Tuesday, 2/7-     Lunch: Sweet potato black bean chili
Dinner: NC BBQ pork, coleslaw, baked potato (using that other half of the loin)

Wednesday, 2/8-     Lunch:  PB&J, apples, dates, dark chocolate (for fun)
Dinner:  Spaghetti, garlic bread, olives

Thursday, 2/9-            Lunch: Homemade lunchables with deli meat, crackers, fruit etc ( no cheese for Clark)
Dinner:  Cilantro lime chicken, tortillas, rice, black beans

Friday, 2/10-                Lunch: homemade mini pizzas, veggies, and fruit (make pizza dough on Thursday)
Dinner: Df beef quesadillas, avocado’s, salsa

Saturday, 2/11-           Lunch: Joshua and I are at movies for Mommy/Son date. Prep Clark a lunch for daddy to give him. Probably Pb&J, with fruit and broccoli
Dinner: Crockpot Venison Stew  (freeze half)

Sunday, 2/12-            Lunch:  sandwiches
Dinner:  breaded pork cutlets, mushroom risotto( not df) , green beans

Monday, 2/14-           Lunch:  chicken quesadillas using grilled chicken strips, home fries
Dinner: Venison Korean bbq bowl, rice, cucumber/carrots

Tuesday, 2/15-           Lunch:    soup, bread
Dinner:  Dan Dan noodles (turkey instead of pork because I have 2 packages of Turkey), broccoli

Wednesday, 2/16-    Lunch: Leftovers
Dinner:  Lentil soup (freeze half), sausage, rolls  (Joshua will probably eat sausage, bread and a fruit)

Thursday, 2/17-       Lunch:  Df grilled cheese, fruit, pepperoni
Dinner:  Frozen Venison meatloaf, veggies, sweet potatoes (if any left)

Friday, 2/18-             Lunch: take out
Dinner:  breakfast for dinner (eggs, bacon, french toast etc)

Saturday, 2/19-          Lunch- foraging for leftovers then grocery shopping
Dinner: sausage pepper skillet if we don’t give up and get take out

You get almost all of these items at Aldi. I still have to run to Kroger for things like ginger, scallions, garlic, sweet potatoes, popcorn, almond creamer, cat supplies etc.

Links:    http://www.redroundorgreen.com/weeknight-meals/candied-rosemary-chicken-and-vegetables/






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