Progress in process

Today is the Super Bowl and I’m utterly unfazed it . I have no interest in sports, much less football. We don’t even have cable. I know many people who enjoying watching the Super Bowl and cheering for their favorite team but it just doesn’t interest my husband and I.

So instead of celebrating today we had a fairly normal Sunday. If you count two neuro-diverse kids with colds to be a normal day. It’s happens every winter. Except this time I had the oldest being the one who has less energy and the youngest who has more, but has cried more often.

I don’t do well in the overwhelming stimuli of both children crying demands and throwing tantrums in any situation, let alone when they are coughing and sneezing everywhere. I’m still working on patience and not over reacting.
Breakfast was rough this morning because they were both hungry and wanted food immediately. I started to make their favorite home-made blueberry muffins but I still had to satisfy Clark long enough for me to make them. He ate half an avocado and hard-boiled egg while I was making the muffins and in between crying for a muffin. He refused to leave his chair to wait for them to be done. Joshua refused any food other than the muffins. Clark ate his avocado and egg plus 1.5 muffins and some blueberries.

After breakfast we set about on starting on some new daily routines to prepare Clark for school. I ordered a routine chart and pictures but in the meantime we wrote and put printable signs I found on our dry erase board.
Joshua did not do very well with the routine today. He wanted to go play immediately but I told him we were doing some clean up first. He doesn’t transition very well and we are having a hard time helping him cope now that he’s not on his Ritalin.

Nevertheless our morning started off with lots of crying and subsequent yelling.

It got better once they went to go play in their room. I had some time to do some cleaning in the kitchen and put home-made pork ramen in the Crockpot.
After awhile the boys were too quiet. Then we heard Joshua shouting that Clark was “putting things in the conditioner”¬† The conditioner?
We found out that Clark has figured out how to remove the air vent and start shoving toys in the duct. Not kidding. We had to pull out Legos, a book, hot wheels, a shirt, and other items. I’m calling maintenance as soon as I can to see if there’s a way those can be made to stay put.
Now we are trying to find a way to tell Clark that he can’t put toys in the ducts. I’m hoping ABA has an answer to that.

In the meantime, we are going to keep working on slow and steady progress for everyone. I, for one, would like this infection to be over with and probably should restart my Lithium. I’ve noticed some mild cycling and mood swings.
We just want Clark to be ready to go to school and keep up with his tube weaning. Joshua has a mile long list of things we are working on so I guess routine and adaptive skills are our home goals for a while.

I hope I can keep us all accountable for our goals.




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