The need for ME time

Today will be a long day because Clark has to get allergy testing again and immune tested.

I’m hoping to get through it as quickly as we can, get him snuggled and pain relieved at home then get him ready for OT. I hope that swinging at OT will calm him.

My life revolves around my boys. I’m constantly being told to take at least 5 minutes and STOP and do something for ME.

I’m finally getting that this Friday.

I have a hair appointment booked. I’m chopping off my hair and lightening it. My haircuts involve cutting, layering, thinning, texturizing and then dying so it will take awhile.

I may even walk around the mall for awhile. I MIGHT even be able to find a quiet spot somewhere to continue reading Wrightslaw. I know. It’s not a fun book. I should be reading my Patricia Briggs book, but I’ve already started it. I want to keep my focus.

It’s going to be a long week. I just need to focus on making it to Friday….because after that Hubby will be TDY for a week.



Send coffee and bath bombs.


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