Lily Everglore and The Passion Door





There was a young maiden
In an enchanted moor
Chained and bound
To an charmed door
Not high in a tower nor on the floor
Stuck there forever
Or until relinquished the Passion door
Many a valiant men tried in vain
To free the lovely maiden
But all eventually were slain
Not by blood loss or horrid beasts
But all in all
They couldn’t contain their lustful feast
One week before the waxing of the Lucid star
Did a young man in his journeys
A traveler of near and far
Stumble across the enchanted moor
And to his astonishment
The beautiful maiden bound to the cosmic door
Her head was but leaning to the side
Her eyes shut tight, slumbering
Her feet above the floor did they glide
Delicate hands folded in the front
Of the celestial gown did she wear
The man so silently did he speak, so not to affront
“Poor maiden, asleep so elegantly
May you awake so I can learn
Whether or not you are an illusion to me”
Slowly and methodically did her eyes stir
Her hand moved and tugged, only to gain a disappointing sigh
And her voice did contain a voluptuous purr
“Young Knight I suppose you are here
Accident or not to free my chains
I tell you now it can’t be done, my dear”
The maiden looked outward with such a teary face
If only tears she could shed for her distress
But sadly enough that was not the case
“Lovely celestial being” the man said
“ you strike me as something I am not
I am no Knight nor a prince
I’m a simple lad, all you see on me is what I’ve got”

“And you like this curse put me in a borrowed gown
If I were celestial I could be free
But like you I have no crown
I’ve been here for centuries
This door I do anathematize, it has trapped me; bringing many a men like you
None however with their brute strength or words of endearment have made me free”
After hearing such words from the captive maiden
The young man made a silent vow, as if compelled
To break her chains or forever be guilt laden
He did walk to the door, around and around
Searching and examining the odd structure
For any sign that could get her down
The door it glowed with a demon or mystic aura
Sat there in the middle of the forest moor
It harbored the work of a goddess like Cora
The invisible chains were not seen from the back
How it held her in place was puzzling mystery
Over and over the did the mans mind wrack

For the first three nights of the week the Lucid star did wax
He did sing, read and comfort her, even went to a witches house
To find about the door some interesting facts
In town did people call him crazed
No one went into the moor, more or less and saw a door
With such determination he was dazed
There was such a compulsion when he saw her
He knew no accident it was for him to stumble in these woods
The past few days were such a blur
He only wished he could just give her a kiss
And have the bonds melt away
For him and her, that was false bliss
On the sixth day with her, he swore he saw Eros fly across the moon
Maybe it was the moors effect
For the faintly visions he did swoon
“ I got you a flower that gazes at the stars
I find it odd that the moon is not yet out
So I guess it must gaze to Mars
The red does bring color to your cheeks
I know not what to do for you I feel very meek”
He tucked the flower in her hair
She did look at him with stoic, hopeful eyes
“I will save you, I swear”
Again a vision flew through the night
“Curse you! Brat child of Aphrodite”
He swore and panted and raced “
Of all the gods you’re not so mighty”

He fell on the floor at her feet
In despair and rage, and on her slipper
He planted a tiny kiss , ever sweet
And inside him a fire did grow
He knew one kiss was not enough
Her intoxicating allure made his blood flow

He caressed the inhuman fabric that covered her whole
So soft, so warm, as if from pixies made
He feared his arms did lose control
They brushed up her leg
And his mouth did follow
Sending tiny shivers, that made even him beg

He took her hand and entwined it in his
“Maiden, I know not even your name
I’ll gladly tell you mine if you want to know that is”
She pulled him to his feet and met his eyes
“ If I could cry tears for anything it would be
That I’ve not know my name for centuries”

Sadness flowed into the man
“ To not know your name is to not know yourself
Tell me now is there anything I can do, do you have a plan
“Once I thought that love was it” the lady said
“But a man that claimed to adore me
Had no ardor and wound up dead”

The young man thought silent thoughts
And said, “ I will go away for the night and think on this”
Aside to himself he did think what Passion wrought
“You must be back by the morrow”
She exclaimed to him
“ I have no more time to borrow”

So the man did walk away and return the next day
To find the maiden crying out to him
That there is no way
“We hurry this night
Find a way to free me
Tonight is the nite
Of this evil door
See look now!
My feet do touch the floor”

He gallantly strolled to the maiden and prayed it would work
Wrapping his arms around her, he gave her a loving kiss
That left them breathless and made his thoughts go berserk
“There is no love without passion and passion without love”
He said to her in quick breathless breaths
And I have more love and fervor for you that I can think of”
So when the Lucid star was high in the sky
Did passion overtake so much
That the aura of the door did die
And neither noticed the end of the enrapture
The chains were gone and her name restored
When love did capture
The passion of the door

Night fell into day
And the two did sleep
The lady did stir where she lay
And looked upon the stargazer that fell from her hair
She looked around and saw the man, remembered
And sent up a silent prayer

The man did awake to find
The door now gone
And a joyous maiden and him intertwined
She smiled and said “ My name is Lily of Everglore”
And you are no longer just a man but my Knight
Your passion and purpose freed me from the door”


The man now Knight looked to the heavens above
“ My name is Ruben… and now I know what I traveled for
What I and the door did search for you, but someone to love”
And softly did her cheek he caress
“Lily Everglore, I love you and know now the meaning of the Passion door”
Thus in the night and for centuries more, did their passion they confess





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