That has been my favorite username for a long time. It is said that Nyx was the primeval goddess of night and that Zeus was in awe of her. I think there was also a cult formed around her, but that’s beside the point.

She is either helpful or hurtful to mankind depending on the needs. With her she brings night, which to many can come as a relief from the stresses of the day.

(Nyx is also an asteroid and Nix a moon of Pluto and character in my favorite book series.)

I feel I can relate to this Greek goddess. That’s not surprising considering I was named after a Trojan Princess which means Bringer of Death and Destruction.


No I’m not some weirdo who is obsessed with morbid Greek goddesses.

I just feel the personification of this goddess relates a lot to my feelings.

I’m a 28 year old SAHM. I have 2 boys, who you will hear a lot about, that have different special needs. I’m married to the Army, literally. I’ve been an Army wife for almost 11 years. I’ve been diagnosed bipolar for the same amount of time.

I have this awful perception of a being a housewife. It’s not what I wanted out of life. (Hello, nursing school/case management/fsa.)  I’m trying to change my view about a lot of things. I love taking care of my boys but sometimes I feel stuck.
I want to get my writing skills which I seem to have lost after years of stressful events and mood stabilizers.

Now for stuff that I like:
Warm fluffy robes
Paranormal Romance Books
People to cook for me
Snuggles and kisses from my toddler

Please allow me to rant/vent about the enormous amount of doctor/therapy appointments, the Army, the stuff I have clean and life in general as I try to find the happy in all of it.  🙂


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